Third Ear is a collaborative project lead by Lewis and Suzi of Free Love - based around the exploration of union between Yoga and Sound. Through these explorations our ambition extends from the epiphanical awakening to the wildly mundane with our belief that these two seeming polarities are deeply connected.


We seek to explore non-duality in practice; to find a synchronicity between musician-music-teacher- teaching-practitioner-practice; all to be experienced as an interwoven singularity.


We seek an international community and universal perspective inviting artists, teachers and meditators from varying disciplines and styles to explore these ideas together. In doing so, we explore the parallels that exist across the breadth of conscious experience in all its vibrancy- ascetism and hedonism - indulgence and abstinence - minimalist and maximalist - futurist and traditional - the macro and the micro.



In order to remove any economic barriers that might prohibit access to practicing, all of our online classes are run by donation on a pay-what-you-can basis with a suggested donation of £6. This donation goes directly to the teachers and artists involved with that class. 


6:00pm (BST)

Vinyasa with Lewis Cook

Class via Zoom 


6:00pm (BST)
Yoga & Sound with weekly

guest teachers and artists
Class llivestreamed via private

Youtube link


10:30am (BST)

Vinyasa with Suzi Cook

Class via Zoom

Signing up to a class is pretty easy - just send your donation  by clicking the link below and leave a message with it saying which class you'd like to attend. We'll send the link out to you 15 minutes before the class begins.

Suggested donation £6 per class (pay what you can)




Every Thursday at 6:00pm (BST) we host a weekly Yoga & Sound event livestreamed worldwide. Each week, we invite a new collaborator either to lead the yoga practice or to create the music & sound.

We've been running these events since we entered lockdown for COVID-19 as something to keep our heads together through the whole headfuck of it all and as a means to connect and grow a community despite the chaos. 

We're so grateful to be joined every week by people from all over the world and to share this practice. 

Classes are suitable for all levels with variations of poses offered to suit a wide range of experience. Livestreamed via a private youtube link which is sent out 15 mins before class.


Details of our next event below. To sign up look over HEEEEEEEEEEEERRREEEE.



Volume XI

with Lewis Cook & Nightwave

02.06.20   - 6:00pm (BST)
Sign up here

We're very excited to be joined by Nightwave who will be sharing psychosomatic sounds in harmony with a vinyasa class led by Third Ear co-founder, Lewis Cook.


Slovenia via Glasgow producer, artist, DJ, promoter, label boss and all round excellent NRG, Nightwave will be joining us for our next edition of Third Ear. Primarily known for her powerhouse explorations in the realms of techno - her musical breadth occupies a wide territory - recently sharing a mix of  sacred ceremony music from regions of Amazonia and Africa as part of Pop Mutations festival.  On Thursday, we'll be lucky enough to be collaborating together on our 11th edition of Third Ear, soundtracking a vinyasa yoga lead by one of our founders, Lewis Cook. 



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