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HEAR is a community centered around vinyasa krama yoga, music and sound experiments.

Started by Lewis and Suzi Cook (who sonically collaborate as Free Love) in March 2020, HEAR was formed around the union of sound, music, movement, breath and both personal and collective consciousness - partly as a tonic to the isolation and separation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both certified trained Yoga teachers studied in India, the project began with bi-monthly streamed online events. As time went on, the project expanded to invite guest teachers and musicians from around the world. 

Alongside these events, a programme of regular classes has formed as well as a library of videos, mixes recordings and other resources which will continue to expand significantly.

An evolving community has developed and continues to grow around HEAR exploring the micro and macro, ascetic and hedonistic, chaotic and ordered, to find union and balance. Collaborative, experimental, disciplined, open-hearted, freeing, unifying, challenging, inviting and inclusive: You are invited to take part in this community. 

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